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Lexington Local Schools is gearing up for a significant event aimed at supporting young learners and their families. On June 26, the district will hold a Community Preschool Screening, an initiative designed to help parents identify and address any developmental concerns their preschool-aged children may have. This event is open to all preschool-aged children residing within the Lexington School district.

Understanding the Screening Process

The preschool screening is a comprehensive assessment that covers several key areas of a child’s development. These include:

Communication: This aspect evaluates how a child expresses themselves and understands others’ messages. It’s crucial for effective interaction and learning.

Fine Motor Skills: Assessing a child’s ability to manipulate items with their hands, this area is essential for tasks such as writing, buttoning clothes, and using utensils.

Gross Motor Skills: This focuses on how a child moves around in their environment, including running, jumping, and other physical activities that are vital for overall physical health.

Social Skills: Social interactions are vital for a child’s development. This screening looks at how children get along with peers and adults, which is fundamental for their emotional and social growth.

Emotional Regulation: Understanding how a child handles situations and expresses their emotions can help in providing the right support for their emotional well-being.

Pre-academic Skills: Evaluating how and at what pace a child gains knowledge helps in identifying any learning needs early on, ensuring they are ready for school.

Why Early Screening Matters

Early childhood is a pivotal time for growth and development. Identifying potential issues early on can make a significant difference in a child’s educational journey. Early screenings allow for timely interventions, which can lead to better developmental outcomes and ensure that each child has the foundation they need for future success.

Lexington Local Schools’ initiative is a testament to their commitment to providing the best start for their youngest learners. By addressing any concerns early, the district aims to support families in nurturing their children’s potential.

How to Participate

Parents and guardians are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable opportunity. Appointments for the screening can be made by calling 419-884-1111 ext 6500. Don’t miss this chance to ensure your child is on the right path to developmental success.

Call today to schedule an appointment and give your child the support they need for a bright future!

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