27 New COVID Cases In Richland County Schools This Week

6 Nov , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

Thursdays bring updates of the Ohio Public Advisory Health System and of the reporting of new and cumulative cases of COVID-19 in Ohio schools.

Richland County remained at Level Three/Red this week, one of 56 Ohio counties at that level. Locally, five of the seven indicators were triggered — the only two not met were new hospital admissions and ICU occupany.

Overall, the county had an increase of 359 cases in the last two weeks, resulting in a current case rate of 296.32 per 100,000 population — up over 100 cases in the last week alone (see Richland Public Health tweet below).

Among Richland County schools, some 27 students and staff were newly reported with COVID-19 cases. Below are district/schools that reported those cases (note that this does not include cumulative cases):

Clear Fork — 3 students, 1 staff
Lexington — 3 students, 3 staff
Madison Local — 2 students, 4 staff
Mansfield City — 1 student, 6 staff
Ontario — 1 student, 2 staff
St. Peter’s — 1 student

According to the Department of Health, “A report of COVID-19 should not be interpreted as an indicator that a school district or school isn’t following proper procedures—school cases can be a reflection of the overall situation in the broader community. Families and staff should always feel free to ask questions of the school district or school.”

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