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Phoenix Brewing Company Featured In National Funeral Publication

28 Sep , 2017  

It would come as no surprise to many readers that the unlikely combination of craft beer and former mortuaries can go hand in hand. After all, one of the premier craft beer establishments in all of Ohio sits in downtown Mansfield and in one such building.

This idea reached a wide audience this week with a feature story on the Phoenix Brewing Company published by, which bills itself as the “premier progressive online publication for funeral professionals.”

Realizing that not all 1812Blockhouse readers may be regular visitors to the site, we thought we would acquaint you with this article.

Entitled “The Story Behind Two Craft Beer Series Inspired by a 103 Year Old Funeral Home,” the piece by Madison Smith of DISRUPT Media first profiles the rescue and renovation of the building, before moving on to discuss The Phoenix’s refreshment offerings. According to the article, “Throughout the years, Phoenix has developed a few series of brews that embrace the death industry and derive their inspiration from the old building and its history. There is the mortuary series, which includes lighter IPA’s and ales, with higher gravity ‘hoppier’ brews, and the cemetery series, which are stouts and porters, also with a higher gravity.”

In addition to photos, the article includes a new You Tube video which is featured below.


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