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You Can Help Farm Bureau Develop Policy

30 May , 2017  

Everyone is cordially invited to attend the Richland County Farm Bureau policy development meeting on Wednesday, June 7, at 7:00 AM in the Reed’s Room at Ed Pickens’ Café on Main. A hot breakfast will be served at 7:15 AM.

Policy development is one of the most important activities that the Richland County Farm Bureau conducts each year. The policies of Farm Bureau are the backbone of the organization, and provide the framework through which they advocate for family, community and food security issues. They also help guide efforts to address real community issues—such as regulations, funding public education and services, environmental protection, animal care, health care, landowner’s rights and community planning.

These policies are used to develop programs, projects and advocacy at the state and federal level, but just as importantly are used to help guide the yearly plan of work for Richland County Farm Bureau volunteers. Throughout the program year “action projects” are based on these policies. This is a process that truly represents democracy in action.

Public input is vital to the success of this program. The Bureau asks you to offer one or two issues that you feel that it should work on this year. You may suggest ideas that you have thought of through your work or from personal experiences. Please write down ideas and be prepared to share them with the group on June 7. If you, or a representative, are unable to attend, but have suggestions, please submit them via this electronic form by June 23.

In order to get an accurate count of guests, please RSVP by noon, Wednesday, May 31 by calling the office (419-747-7488), or via email


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