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Work Continues On Richland Public Health Building Renovation

25 Feb , 2020  

The Richland Public Health building was the site of a groundbreaking last November, helmed by Martin Tremmel, the Board of Health Commissioner at that time. (Tremmel has since retired.) The building renovation was being undertaken to improve access to services.

“As part of our continued commitment to enhance our property and service to the Richland County community, Richland Public Health is pleased to kick-off our building renovation efforts,” Mr. Tremmel said in November. “This $500,000 investment will begin with the front entrance of Richland Public Health to provide easily accessible and high quality customer service to our community members.”

Entry into the building will provide immediate access to central intake and the improvements will provide easy access to the Vital Statistics Department (birth and death certificates) as well as Environmental Health services.

The work on the building at 555 Lexington Avenue continues. Compare this pre-renovation photo via Google Maps to the the photo above and below, taken this past weekend, which shows the current status of the project. Completion is targeted for May 2020.

Photo: 1812Blockhouse/Kristina Krueger


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