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We’ve Moved To Daily COVID-19 Updates

19 Mar , 2020  

As the present public health situation appears that it will be of some duration and important information releases are frequent, we are modifying our coverage to match.

From now on, instead of updating our ongoing COVID-19/Coronavirus Update page each day to the point where it becomes quite long, cumbersome, and difficult to follow, we are making changes.

For one thing, we are moving to a Daily Update setting, which we plan on posting during the early evening hours each weekday and once on weekends.

We are also moving away from long narrative posts on the new Daily Updates, and instead linking to social media and website pages that provide relevant information. This way, you can find what you need quickly.

Each day you will have access to our own coverage, links to cancellation and closings, access to posts from other area media, and more. You’ll also find our link to our main COVID-19 page with national, state, and local information resources.

The first Daily Update was posted on Wednesday morning, and archives will be created. To read the current version, you can use the easy to find link on our home page or click here.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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