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Wait.. Was That A Trumpter Swan? No, It Was A Cackling Goose

8 Jan , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

Richland County has more than its fair share of birders, those folks who observes and identifies wild birds in their habitats. In fact, the county is often featured on sites like eBird for sightings of bald eagles and other birds.

EBird includes a page dedicated to rare birds who have made their appearance known somewhere in the Buckeye State. Called the “Ohio Rare Bird Alert,” it chronicles unconfirmed and confirmed sightings of lesser-seen Ohio birds.

Despite the fact that this post is originally published on January 8, there have already been several viewings of rare birds in Richland County in 2021. Those include:

Greater White-fronted Goose — Several sightings in the 600-800 North Main Street area in Mansfield and at Shelby Reservoir No. 2

Brant – Several sightings in the 600-800 North Main Street area in Mansfield

Red-Tailed Hawk — I71 near Snow Trails

Merlin — Several sightings on SR13 near OSR and at Dawson Ridge Golf Club and in the Mansfield City Cemetery

Peregrine Falcon — Sightings in Central Park, Mansfield

Click on any bird name for a photo and more information.

A large number of more common species have also been spotted in the last week, from the Downy Woodpecker to the Dark-eyed Junco. Those can be found on the Richland County page on eBird.

Perhaps you can view these beautiful birds around the county? eBird is a wonderful place to begin that hobby.

Image by Jasmin777 from Pixabay

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