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Two More Summer Bucket List Stops

23 Jun , 2019  

It was an incredibly beautiful early summer afternoon on Saturday, and the roads and byways of Richland County were full of folks enjoying a the unusual experience of a sunny day without a hint of rain.

For us, that meant an opportunity to travel to two more locations on the #thriveinthe419 Summer Bucket List.

Our first stop was at Clearfork Reservoir (#5 on the list), where picnic areas were busy. At one location, Amish buggies were carefully parked while their occupants were fishing on the shore. There was not a lot of boating activity on Saturday, perhaps due to recent weather, but those who were out appeared to be enjoying themselves.

We then took the relatively quick jaunt to the home of Panchos Tacos on Lexington Avenue, a restaurant none of us had visited (#23 on the list). The Panchos Combination plate was excellent, and even the chips and salsa were tasty. The service was quick the entire experience a pleasure.

We’re happy to share a handful of photos from our trip. Click on a photo for a larger image. To read about the Summer Bucket List, click here.

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