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The City of Mansfield’s Engineering Department is embarking on a new project to enhance the local trail network. The Trimble Road Trail Extension, expected to begin construction in summer 2025, will create a vital link between existing trails, providing a scenic and accessible route for the community.

The Need for Connection

Currently, the Trimble Road trail exists as a standalone path, separate from the popular B&O Bike Trail. This disconnection limits the usability and reach of the trail system in the area. By connecting these trails, the project aims to provide a continuous, enjoyable path for pedestrians and cyclists alike. The new extension will meander through the picturesque Western Conservancy and part of Ohio Health’s property, offering a blend of natural beauty and practical connectivity.

Project Scope and Details

The Trimble Road Trail Extension will cover approximately 6,000 feet, or just over 1.1 miles. The project includes:

  • An 11-foot wide concrete path for comfortable and accessible use by pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Approximately 300 feet of boardwalk, allowing users to traverse the scenic wetlands and woods that lie between Trimble and Home Roads.
  • A direct connection from the existing B&O Bike Trail east of Home Road to Trimble Road, across from Raemelton Boulevard.

This extension is designed to not only enhance the functionality of the trail system but also to provide an immersive experience in nature, promoting outdoor activities and well-being among residents and visitors.

Anticipated Benefits

The new trail extension promises numerous benefits for the community:

  • Improved Accessibility: Connecting existing trails will create a more extensive network, making it easier for residents to travel across different parts of the city without the need for motorized transportation.
  • Health and Wellness: By providing a scenic and safe environment for walking, running, and cycling, the trail encourages healthy lifestyles and outdoor recreation.
  • Environmental Appreciation: The boardwalk through wetlands and woods allows users to experience and appreciate local natural habitats up close, fostering environmental awareness and stewardship.
  • Economic Impact: Enhanced trails can attract tourists and boost local businesses by increasing foot traffic in nearby areas.

Visualizing the Project

To better understand the project’s layout and scope, detailed maps and visuals are available. These resources provide an in-depth look at the planned route and the areas it will traverse, helping residents visualize the upcoming changes and benefits.

Project Maps: Trimble Road Trail Extension Maps

Looking Ahead

As the City of Mansfield prepares for the Trimble Road Trail Extension, community members are encouraged to stay informed and engaged. The project represents a significant investment in the local infrastructure and quality of life, promising to create lasting positive impacts.

Stay tuned for updates from the City of Mansfield’s Engineering Department as the project progresses toward its anticipated start in summer 2025.

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