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Thursday and COVID-19: Richland Drops Two Levels; Alcohol Sales Trimmed

31 Jul , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

Revised levels for Ohio counties under the state’s Public Health Advisory System were announced today in Columbus.

The news was generally positive throughout the state. Of those counties with elevated levels (Level 3 and higher), 13 remained at Level 3, and nine counties were downgraded from Level 3 to Level 2.

The one county that showed the biggest downgrade in severity was Richland County, which fell from Level 3 to Level 1, the lowest level available.

Governor DeWine expressed concern about levels in Ohio’s rural counties. The bad news is that Ohio’s more rural counties are turning orange with significantly more spread taking place. I will again urge those who live in rural counties to wear masks while in public.”

Level 1 counties are those with active exposure and spread of COVID-19. Residents are asked to follow all current health orders. So, while Level 3 is no longer present, the State of Ohio’s statewide facial covering mandate continues to apply in Richland County.

Governor DeWine has also asked the Ohio Liquor Control Commission to enact a statewide emergency rule to limit liquor sales at establishments that serve alcohol for on-site consumption.

The rule would prevent the sale of alcohol at these liquor-permitted establishments beginning at 10:00 PM each night. On-premises consumption must end by 11:00 PM. Businesses may stay open, and establishments that sell food can continue serving meals until closing.

Source: State of Ohio

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