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The Seven Political States Of Ohio: Where Does Richland Sit?

13 Oct , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

Let’s pose a hypothetical. Divide the state of Ohio into seven regions of similar political views. Would you group Richland County with the Cleveland region? With Columbus? Eastern or Central Ohio?

The Washington Post did just that earlier this week in a post written by David Weigel entitled “The Seven Political States of Ohio.” The piece, the latest in The Post’s profiles of key swing states, sets out to identify how Ohio “ticks” in regard to partisan politics.

If you guessed “Central,” by the way, good for you. Our county was grouped with the entire Columbus exurban area (not including Franklin and Delaware Counties), which also extends west to the Indiana border.

The Post describes Central Ohio as a Republican stronghold where Democrats strive merely to temper the margins of massive landslide votes. The story does mention Mansfield. “In the region’s small cities, like Lima and Mansfield, Biden faces fewer head winds than Clinton did, and Trump’s promise of a speedy economic comeback is harder to pitch after four years. But Trump’s conservatism is an easy fit here, and even the most optimistic Democrats see a slightly smaller landslide defeat in the region as the best they can do.”

Overall, the piece is an interesting read. It can be accessed below.

The seven political states of Ohio

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