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Social Media Posts Lead To Arrest For Inducing Panic, Other Charges

5 Jun , 2020  

By: Mansfield Division of Police; 1812Blockhouse Staff

On Friday, the Mansfield Division of Police issued a news release sharing additional information about the statement it had issued the day before.

That statement, which can be accessed via our previous post, referred to social media posts which suggested that some sort of violent activity had been scheduled to take place on Friday evening. Since that time, the Division of Police has tracked down the source of those posts and has taken steps to bring that person to justice.

Today’s news release read as follows:

“In reference to yesterday’s News Release, we would like to share some additional information learned during the investigation into the social media posts referring to threats of rioting and destructive activity.

Our investigators were able to identify the source of the posts as well as the person responsible for making them, Jaywuan Peavy, a 19 year old local resident. Mr. Peavy was contacted and has been taken into custody.

Also, information has been circulating on social media from other sources stating that ANTIFA is to be in Mansfield on this date. However, the Mansfield Division of Police has NO credible intelligence stating this as a fact.

Hopefully, with the arrest of the person responsible for making the posts referred to in our earlier News Release, this will help to mitigate any future and potential riotous and/or destructive activity. However, the Mansfield Division of Police is actively monitoring the situation and taking all necessary precautions.

Mr. Peavy was incarcerated on 3 charges each for “Inducing Panic” and “Inciting to Violence” as well as one charge of “Possession of Marijuana.” All of these charges are misdemeanors of the 1st degree (M-1). In addition, he was, also, charged with one count of “Attempting to Riot” which is a misdemeanor in the 2nd degree (M-2).

He is awaiting an initial court appearance and/or posting of bond. No additional information is available at this time.”


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