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Snow Trails Predicts Weekend Opening

8 Dec , 2016  

Winter is here! Or, at least, it will be here in time for a weekend opening at Snow Trails, officials there declared on Tuesday.

An official declaration on the starting day for Snow Trails’ 56th season will take on Friday, but tentatively, the magic date and time are this Sunday, December 11 at 9:00 AM. Regular weekday hours would follow beginning on Monday from 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM each day.

In preparation, snowmaking began on Wednesday evening, as the Facebook video below shows.

An Opening Day Lift Ticket Special for multiple slopes will be offered.

According to the resort’s blog, “The Crew will start by firing-up Snow Trails Cooling Tower a few days ahead-of-time, which cycles water in our snowmaking pond to cool prep the water. Between now and time for snowmaking the Tower will cool the water by about 20 degrees. The colder the water going out to the guns the less cure time – time it takes for the fine particles of water being shot into the air to freeze into a snowflake – producing better snow and more of it!”

Sounds good to us!

Projected Opening Day for the 11th season at Vertical Descent Tubing Park is Sunday, December 18. We will post official opening dates and times on 1812Blockouse as they become known.

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