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Shade Tree Commission Hosting Educational Meeting, Speakers

1 Oct , 2018  

The City of Mansfield Shade Tree Commission has announced that it is hosting an Educational Public meeting on Thursday, October 4, at 6:30 PM at the North Lake Park Pavilion.

In their ongoing commitment to providing service and educational opportunities to the residents of Mansfield, the members of the Shade Tree Commission are pleased to offer this free educational session. The agenda for the evening is multifaceted and includes members of the Shade Tree Commission explaining the role of the Shade Tree Commission in Mansfield, and procedures for contacting them.

The Shade Tree Commission will welcome Alistar Reynolds, Invasive Species Forester from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry to provide the latest updates on Urban Forest Health issues and concerns. The Shade Tree Commission is also pleased to announce that the meeting’s keynote speaker will be Jim Chatfield, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist at the Ohio State University Extension.

Mr. Chatfield will present “Why Trees Matter.” You will learn about how you can easily determine the economic value of the environmental services trees in our community, on your street, or in your yard provides.

Following our keynote address, the floor will be open for a question and answer session to discuss local resources and planting standards. For more information contact Kim Hildreth, Program Coordinator, Engineering Department at 419.755.9702 or email at: [email protected]


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