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Severe Weather Is Here: Remember To Check On The Elderly

18 Dec , 2019  

This week brought wintry conditions, including snow, ice, and cold temperatures, which can disrupt our lives and introduce increased risks for older adults. At times when severe weather is forecasted or has just occurred, don’t forget to check on elderly friends, family members and neighbors to ensure that they are okay.

Check their home: Is the temperature comfortable? Are they heating it safely? Are outdoor walkways clear of snow, ice, and debris?

Check their health: Do they appear alert and aware? Are there any medical issues that they are not attending to because the weather makes them want to stay in their home? Do they have enough medication and are they taking it as prescribed? Do they need medical attention?

Check that their daily needs are being met: Do they have enough good food and water? Are they able to do what they need to do? Do they have someone to call for support and a reliable way to call for emergency help if they need it?

There are resources in our community to assist the elderly, including during winter weather events. The Richland County Area Agency On Aging can provide information and resources; contact them at 419-524-4144, or visit them at 2131 Park Avenue West in Ontario.

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