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Richland Gro-Op Seeks Marketing Director

17 Apr , 2019  

The Richland Gro-Op is seeking a part-time Marketing Director to help create local and regional markets for cooperative produce.

This is a short-term grant-funded research project designed to enable the Gro-Op to become a successful, self-supporting, and profitable enterprise at the end of the grant funding (2019-2022). Specific attributes and responsibilities are outlined below. However, the nature of the position is also to learn as we go so that a qualified applicant will be able to learn as we go and improvise the scope of the job over time.

Desired Attributes

  • Desire to build an unparalleled food supply chain that supports farmers, Richland Gro-Op customers, and community partners and stakeholders
  • Commitment and active support to the mission of Richland Gro-Op, with collective decision-
    making with Gro-Op board of directors.
  • Commitment to communication and collective decision-making with Gro-Op Board of Directors.

Desired Direct Experience:

  • Experience working on a polycrop vegetable farm, or for a regional aggregator of local food
  • Bachelor’s degree with technical background in Environmental Health, Food Science,
    Agriculture, or Supply Chain related course of study or equivalent experience
  • Experience moving perishable product through aggregation facility and distribution channels
  • Familiarity with food-related certifications and the requirements for a grower to achieve various
  • General knowledge of manufacturing and agricultural practices


The Marketing Director has two main responsibilities:

  1. Establish markets, wholesale and some retail, for the Gro-Op producers that achieve the
    highest price points and/or volume possible.
  2. Crop plan with Board of Directors for Gro-Op producers to assure product for the markets;
    ensure market information is delivered to the Gro-Op for best collective decision making.

Establish markets for the Gro-Op producers.

  • Research likely markets for potential product to be grown by Gro-Op producers utilizing
    surveys, interviews, focus groups, and market trends to assemble usable data.
  • Network with similar or complementary local/regional entities to assist in market identification and possible resource sharing.
  • Identify potential purchasing partners, primarily wholesale, for Gro-Op producers.
  • Negotiate contracts for kind, quality and quantity of produce to be grown by Gro-Op producers subject to Board approval.
  • Crop plan with Gro-Op producers to assure product for the contracted markets.
  • Coordinate with Gro-Op producers to establish desires, growth capacities and limitations prior to contracting with purchasers.
  • Communicate production expectations timely with Gro-Op producers to allow adequate lead time in order to meet contract obligations
  • Help farmers manage the aggregate space.
  • Assist in securing best prices for seeds and supplies that will meet the uniform needs of Gro-Op producers so as to most efficiently meet the contract obligations
  • Communicate necessary production standards to achieve contract quality.
  • Communicate opportunities of the Gro-Op to the community so as to increase the membership and community commitment to high quality, locally produced vegetables consistent with the community mission of the organization.

In addition to the above, the marketing director is expected to:

  • Be available as may be needed for Member and Board meetings of the Gro-Op
  • Serve as a resource for community relations and media coordination
  • Contribute information needed for Coordinator to keep financial and other necessary records of the Gro-Op in accordance with generally acceptable accounting standards, communicating as
    required to the Board and Members.
  • Perform any other tasks that may be necessary for the efficient fulfillment of this position to
    serve the mission of the Gro-Op.

Develop the job itself as needs unfold, with the idea that the position will move toward full-time

Salary and Support

Part-time salary is grant-funded and is set to begin at $15,000 per year for three years. The position could become permanent and full-time with commensurate salary. Director will receive logistical support from the North End Community Improvement Cooperative centered in Mansfield for desk space, phone number, email, and web-presence support.

To apply, Send cover letter and materials to:

Richland Gro-Op
ATTN: Joan Richmond
134 N. Main St.
Mansfield, OH 44902

Or via email   *(include in the subject line: Resume for Consideration of Marketing Director Job)

Applications will be received until May 1, 2019.


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