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Richland County B&O Trail Reopens

20 Jun , 2019  

The unusually large amount of rainfall over the last several days has caused havoc across the county, with several roads facing temporary closures.

Not only were roads impacted, but so were other kinds of thoroughfares, including bike trails, paths, and walkways. The longest of such routes, the Richland County B&O Trail, was impacted. On Monday, the Richland County Park District informed its Facebook followers that fallen trees and conditions had necessitated its closure.

On Wednesday, however, the following notice was posted:

“The Trail is open, with all recent tree falls and most leaning branches cleaned up. However, with the on and off rains, there is the continued potential for sagging branches, standing water, and mud from overflowing streams. Be careful as you ride, run and walk! As always, please report any untoward conditions to or 419 884 3764.”

In case you do know about the trail, here are a battery of facts about one of the area’s best attractions for hiking, walking, running, and biking enthusiasts:

Name: Known variously as the Richland County B&O Trail, the Richland County B&O Bike Trail, and the Richland County B&O Hike-Bike Trail

Length: Variously posted as 18.4 and 18.5 miles

Surface: Asphalt

Northern Terminus: The north end of the Trail is located at a point to the northeast of West 4th Street near North Lake Park on the northeast side of Mansfield

Southern Terminus: The south end of the Trail is located on the southwest side of the community of Butler off of Simmons Street.

Parking Availability: Centrally located parking lot servicing the Trail is located in Lexington (see Destination Mansfield map below)

History: Follows the train right-of-way of the former B&O, and later the CSX railroad; CSX abandoned the track in 1986

Opened: 1995

Operated by: Richland County Park District

General Description: The Trail is primarily a rural rail-trail with short sections through two small towns and a northern endpoint in the city of Mansfield. It offers some changes in scenery along its route, from open farmlands, woods and river crossings, to short sections alongside a factory and a former grain station.

Facilities: Parks at both ends of the trail, and trailside in Bellville and Butler. Emergency call boxes.

Food: Eateries near the Trail in small towns.

Number of Road Crossings: Approximately 18

Obstructions: The B&O Trail was the first in its area to become a bollard-free trail (took place in 2014).


Sources: Richland County Park District, Ohio Bikeways, Wikipedia, Destination Mansfield

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