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Pizza Parlor In The Library?

25 Jan , 2020  

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum has proudly announced the debut of a new traveling exhibit thanks to the generosity and support of The Shelby Foundation.

This new traveling exhibit is a pizza parlor exhibit, which opened  to the public in the children’s department of the Marvin Memorial Library in Shelby on January 22.

The Shelby Foundation Traveling Pizza Parlor Exhibit consists of a kitchen workspace, the front counter where “customers” can place their order, and a brick pizza oven. This exhibit is custom built to the perfect height specifications for a child and completely ADA accessible. The display also includes chef coats, pretend kitchen tools, and an array of pretend ingredients and toppings to make the perfect pizza. This exhibit features a selection of pizza-themed children’s books chosen by the Marvin Memorial Library.

In this hands-on exhibit, children can explore a career in the restaurant business and learn more about kitchen safety, and one of kids’ favorite foods – pizza! They are also encouraged to read the included children’s books on these topics, allowing them a new and interactive way to explore their favorite books. The Museum hopes that children will be able to learn and play with their friends and family in this fun exhibit that encourages imagination and exploration.

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum is proud to provide children and families with the power of play every day. With over 30 interactive exhibits, Little Buckeye Children’s Museum invites children to use their imagination to create fun and unique experiences every time they come to the museum. And now, they are taking it outside the museum to expose more children to the power of play thanks to the vision and support of The Shelby Foundation. The way they see it, playing is growing, so let them play!

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