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Parents, Kids, And Illegal Substances: Hidden In Plain Sight

7 Nov , 2019  

Local groups are unifying under the theme The Addict’s Family & Friends to present the program Hidden In Plain Sight, which aims to help adults identify where and how illegal substances may be hiding in the home.

The purpose is to empower families and friends of an addicted person; to educate, and equip each advocate with the knowledge and tools necessary to care for the addicted person, to care for oneself, and to work for change on a local level.

The presentation will take place on November 19 at 5:00 PM at the main branch of the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library in downtown Mansfield. It is being presented by CACY (Community Action for Capable Youth), METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit, and Dr. Joseph Bocka, MD.

Hidden in Plain Sight is a display of a typical teenage bedroom set up with drug paraphernalia that, as the name suggests, is hidden in plain sight. This interactive visual program offers adults insight into current trends in youth attitudes concerning substance use/abuse, drug paraphernalia, concealment and sales of illicit drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Trained professionals will educate parents about these topics, and what to do if a problem is suspected.

This program is sponsored by: Family Life Counseling and Psychiatric Services, the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library, and the Richland County Mental Health & Recovery Services Board.

Source: Mansfield/Richland County Public Library


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