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OK, Richland Source, You’re On! Let The Summer Of Fun Begin

28 May , 2019  

One of our esteemed “competitors,” Richland Source, has unveiled its “2019 Summer Bucket List” of 100 things to do over the next several weeks in Richland and Ashland Counties.

You can read about that list here.

According to the story, the Bucket List includes local 100 activities which “…support one’s health and wellness.” Once having visited a location or having participated in an activity sometime this summer, the idea is to use the hashtag #thriveinthe419 in sharing photos and experiences.

We absolutely get it. There’s nothing better than spending time enjoying the warmth and sunny skies, but it’s also an ideal time to remove the cobwebs of unhealthy behavior left over from months of staying indoors. Let’s face it – this past winter was really a nasty one around these parts.

So here’s what is happening here at 1812Blockhouse. We’ve downloaded Richland Source’s 2019 Summer Bucket List, checked it over, and extracted those that involve potential Richland County locations and activities (we certainly love Ashland and Ashland County, but we’re choosing to focus on our coverage area). We’ve created a game plan and charted our course. Now we’re setting out to hit the byways of this beautiful place called Richland County, Ohio!

As we do so, we’ll be posting about our travels by sharing photos, experiences, conversations, and more. We’ll be sure to use the magic #thriveinthe419 hashtag, although we realize we might not be eligible for program giveaways (insert sad face here). We’ll be adding our own hashtag as well — #1812ontheroad.

Follow us throughout the summer. At the end, we’ll let you know how we did.

Take your own opportunity to visit the wonderful sights and sounds of a Mid Ohio summer! If you would like to join us on one of our visits, drop us a line at:

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