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Ohio Geneaglocial Society Reopens Library; Unveils New Website

21 Jul , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse

Updated: See below.

Did you know that Richland County was home to one of the major centers for family history research in this part of the United States?

It’s the Samuel D. Isaly Library on State Route 97, just east of Bellville, home to some 60,000 bound volumes, census records, Bible records, newspapers, county genealogical society publications, and lineage documents submitted for various family history groups in the state.

Like other libraries across the area, the Isaly Library has been closed for some time due to COVID-19. Now, however, it is back greeting patrons with a few required guidelines:

  • Staff will wear masks, and patrons should as well
  • Seating is marked to maintain required social distancing
  • Computer keyboards and tables should be wiped with disinfectant when you live
  • A temperature gauge will be available
  • Meetings and groups are not permitted
  • The facility will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM

The Society also recently turned on their new website, a robust, easy-to-navigate compendium of information and links to information on holdings and programming. Still at, you can launch your family history search as easily as typing in a first and last name into the main search area.

To find out how the site works, and the various nooks and crannies it contains, a Website Users Manual is provided. It’s an ideal way to get introduced to genealogy research in the Buckeye State.

Update: In honor of the Isaly Library’s 10th Birthday, OGS is sharing short videos of ten hidden library assets on its Facebook Page, which can be accessed here.

Photo: 1812Blockhouse


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