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Ohio EPA Releases Drinking Water Lead Maps; Richland County Included

16 Mar , 2017  

Maps identifying lead service lines across the state have been released by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Ohio has 1,878 Ohio public drinking water systems that were required to submit the maps by yesterday as part of recent drinking water reforms championed by Ohio Governor John Kasich to ensure our communities are provided information and being protected like never before from lead in drinking water.

Public and “nontransient, noncommunity” drinking water systems that are required to comply with this new requirement are listed alphabetically, and maps received by Ohio EPA can be accessed by clicking the link on the public water system name. If citizens have questions about the service lines in their area, they should call the public water system contact listed on the website.

A 2016 law requires community public water systems to identify areas which are likely to contain led service lines, and to create maps of those locations. Also required is identification and a description of buildings served by that system that may contain lead elements such as solder, fixtures, or pipes.

Maps are used by the Ohio EPA to make certain that proper lead and copper sampling is done in the area of lead service lines. The report from the City of Mansfield notes that the city’s “…drinking water exceeds all federal and state lead and copper rules and regulations.”

Access to these maps, including for Richland County cities, villages, and schools, is available at this location online.


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