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ODOT Weekly Construction Report For Week Beginning March 28

27 Mar , 2021  

By: ODOT District 3; 1812Blockhouse

ODOT District 3 has released its weekly report highlighting road construction projects which are beginning or underway in the multi-county area it serves. What follows are posted projects taking place within Ashland, Crawford, and Richland Counties.

Please stay safe and pay attention to these closures and work taking place during the week beginning on March 28.


There are currently no active construction projects or road closures.



ODOT is a proposing a bridge rehabilitation project of 2 bridge structures (L&R) located on U.S. 30 at the 8.42 mile-marker over the Norfolk Southern railroad. The work will include replacement of the bridge decks, approach slabs, and abutment repairs.

All work will occur within existing ODOT right-of-way. Deep excavation will not be required for the proposed work. Utilities will not be relocated because of the project.  In accordance with the ODOT Office of Environmental Services’ (OES) Regulated Materials Review (RMR) Manual, the project is considered exempt.

No streams, wetlands or floodplains will be impacted by this project. No trees will need to be cut to construct this project. Based on this information, the project is considered ecological exempt.

District environmental staff accessed the SHPO GIS database on March 24, 2021. In accordance with Stipulation 22 of Appendix A of the Section 106 PA executed on November 8, 2017, the activities associated with the project will not cause effects to historic properties or historic districts.

The Department has initiated contact with emergency and other public services and will continue to coordinate with these services throughout construction. The project will Install a temporary crossover to allow one bridge to be rehabilitated at a time, which will be removed at the end of the project. Traffic will be crossed over at the western location which is approximately 1000’ west of the 08.42 L&R bridges that are over the Norfolk Railroad line and the traffic will be crossed back over approximately 550’ east of the 08.98 L&R bridges that are over the Sandusky River. During construction the SR98 ramp from US30 eastbound and US30 westbound ramp from SR98 will need to be closed, the detour for both ramps is as follows; US30 eastbound to County Road 330 to US30 westbound. Duration of the closures will be approximately 180 days. Construction is anticipated to begin in April 2024.

Written comments about the proposed project may be mailed to Levi Wingler, ODOT District Environmental Specialist, 906 Clark Avenue, Ashland OH 44805. You can also contact ODOT by telephone (800) 276-4188 or by email 


State Route 13 pavement repairs – State Route 13, from Hanley Road to Chilton Avenue, will have daily and nightly lane closures for a pavement repair project. The contractor will maintain one 11’ lane of traffic in each direction at all times. Estimated completion: July

U.S. Route 30 major rehabilitation – U.S. 30, from State Route 309 to just east of the 5th Avenue ramps, will have single lane closures for a major rehabilitation project. Traffic will always be maintained.


  • U.S. 30, from just west of the U.S. 42 interchange to just east of Lexington Springmill Road exit/enter ramps, will be restricted to one lane of traffic in each direction. Lane restrictions will begin Thursday, April 1 and are estimated to end September 11. Barrier wall will be used to direct traffic in 13’ lanes.

Estimated completion: May 2023

State Route 61 resurfacing – State Route 61, from just south of London West Road to SR 98, will have single lane closures for a smooth-seal resurfacing project.


  • Beginning Monday, April 5, crews will begin bridge work on the structure between Bistline Road and Shoup Road. Traffic will be maintained by portable traffic signals.
  • Smooth seal work will begin after bridge work is complete.

Estimated completion: July

State Route 96 resurfacing – State Route 96, from just west of Technology Parkway to the SR 13/SR 96 junction, will have single lane closures for a smooth-seal resurfacing project.


  • Beginning Monday, April 5 crews will begin bridge work at the following location: structure over Bear Run, just east of Plymouth Springmill Road; the two structures between Bowman Street and Richland Run Road; and the two structures between Rome South Road and SR 13/SR 96.
  • Smooth-seal work will begin after bridge work is complete.

Estimated completion: July


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