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ODOT Seeking Comments On Cyclops Entrance Change For US30 Project

26 Apr , 2018  

The Ohio Department of Transportation has opened a period of comments for a change of location for the Cyclops Circle Softball Complex entrance as part of the giant US30 reconstruction scheduled to begin in two years.

ODOT has proposed to reconstruct US 30 from the SR 13/Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge east to Fifth Avenue in the City of Mansfield.

Reconstruction includes:

  • Replacing all of the mainline pavement
  • Replacing the Ashland Railway and SR 545 bridges over US 30
  • Rehabilitating the Fifth Avenue and SR 13/NS Railroad bridges over US 30
  • Removing and filling the bridge over the existing private drive into B&R Recycling LLC (from East Longview Avenue)
  • Removing the SR 13 and SR 545 interchanges
  • Constructing a new diamond interchange on US 30 between the existing SR 13 & SR 545 interchanges
  • Constructing a new north/south connector road which will direct ramp traffic from the new US 30 interchange south to East Longview Avenue and north to SR 13/North Main Street
  • Constructing a new east/west connector from SR 545 to the new north/south connector
  • Constructing a new US 30 bridge over the new north/south connector
  • Constructing a roundabout at the north/south connector & SR 13 (N Main Street) intersection
  • Constructing a roundabout at the east/west connector & north/south connector intersection
  • Replacing the drainage structures and right-of-way fence along US 30 throughout the project area

Safety improvements include constructing a median barrier and widening the outside shoulders of US 30 to meet current design standards; upgrading all entrance and exit ramps to meet high speed design standards; increasing the clearance under the Fifth Avenue bridge; adding vandal protection to the Fifth Avenue bridge over US 30; and providing lighting through the entire corridor. US 30 will remain a four-land limited access highway. Construction is currently scheduled to begin Spring 2020 and will last 2 1/2 years.

The project will require approximately 0.56-acres of permanent right-of-way and 2.41-acres of temporary right-of-way from the Cyclops Circle Softball Complex to construct the north/south connector & SR 13 roundabout. A new entrance will be constructed into the Complex from SR 13 via the roundabout and a new paved city street, which will end in a cul-de-sac along the north side of the property. The gravel access road along the north side of the Complex will be relocated to maintain access for AK Steel and Ashland Railway to the west of the ballfields. The two existing entrance directly connected to SR 13 will be permanently closed. The existing parking area will be enlarged as part of this project. The fence separating the north and south parking areas will be removed. The two parking areas will be merged into one larger gravel parking lot. The edges of the enlarged parking area will be squared. Access to the Complex will be maintained at all times during construction activities. This work will not affect the actual ballfields.

Cyclops Circle Softball Complex is considered a recreational resource under Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act of 1966 (23 CFR 774) and is provided protection from adverse impacts due to federal-aid transportation projects. ODOT will implement the following measures to minimize harm to the Complex:

Access to Cyclops Circle Softball Complex will be maintained at all times during construction activities, the new entrance to the property from the new city street shall be constructed and opened prior to closure of the two existing access points directly from SR 13. The construction activities related to the parking area shall be completed when no games are being played and no practices are being held. The parking area must be usable when games or practices are scheduled;

  • Temporary construction fencing will be installed along the proposed construction limits, while allowing use of the parking areas, prior to the start of construction activities, to protect the existing 4(f) property and the public;
  •  Appropriate signage will be installed to alert users of the short term access restrictions or closures and to direct users to the new access point;
  • No staging or storage of construction equipment will take place outside of the proposed construction limits that are within the defined boundaries of the 4(f) property;
  • The Contractor will provide notice of access changes to Cyclops Circle Softball Complex Manager at least 15 days in advance of the existing access drive closures;
  • The Contractor will provide notice of parking area work to Cyclops Circle Softball Complex Manager at least 15 days in advance of construction activities;
  • The Contractor will provide the Cyclops Circle Softball Complex Manager and the City of Mansfield Parks & Recreation Department an opportunity to inspect Cyclops Circle Softball Complex prior to completion of construction; and
  • The Contractor must coordinate the project schedule with ODOT, City of Mansfield Parks & Recreation Department, and Cyclops Circle Softball Complex Manager.

ODOT has coordinated the project’s involvement with Cyclops Circle Softball Complex. The City of Mansfield (property owner and manager) has concurred that the project will not adversely affect the protected recreational activities, features, or attributes associated with these resources. The proposed project is considered to have a de minimisimpact on the Cyclops Circle Softball Complex.

Due to the necessary acquisition of land associated with Cyclops Circle Softball Complex, ODOT is seeking public input regarding the effects and the project in general. Comments may be directed to Donald Rostofer, District Environmental Coordinator, (419) 207-7178 or [email protected]Comment will be received through May 25.

Source: Ohio Department of Transportation District Three

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