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News From Mansfield, England: Listen To Nottinghamshire Bangers

3 May , 2020  

Publisher’s Note: We are happy to be sharing posts from Mansfield’s Sister City, Mansfield, England, in the county of Nottinghamshire, through our relationship with the Mansfield and Ashfield News-Journal. We are posting these both to acquaint our readers with how the coronavirus is impacting those in other parts of the world and, in particular, in a city with which we have a close bond. This story after our introduction was posted recently in the Mansfield and Ashfield News-Journal:

By: Mansfield and Ashfield News-Journal; 1812Blockhouse Staff

Today we’re sharing something quite different.

Like our Mansfield, the music scene in Mansfield, England is a vibrant one. The following story published in the News-Journal shares how one person is working to promote those performers, even in the middle of a pandemic.

It’s just possible that a few listens from the USA might help. We have done so here at 1812, and we can share that there’s some great music on this list!

A local musician is urging people to listen to music from Nottinghamshire bands on a specially curated playlist he has put together on Spotify.

Scott Ballard said: “Local musicians have been hit hard in the current climate. They don’t have huge catalogues of material or large departments in record labels and publishers working to make them money. Most rely on live music income, which as we know has disappeared.

“I am in a new band, from Newark and Scunthorpe, called Bobcat Sound and right now we can’t perform, so we had no idea how to promote ourselves.

“After looking around I realised many other local artists were in the same boat and so I came up with the idea of collecting all the great music that’s made in our county and packaging it so the public can find great music that’s on their doorstep.

“This will be great for local bands as they will receive a boost in their stream income and great for the local community as they can simultaneously discover new great music and support grass-roots musicians too.

“So all you need is a Spotify account and you can listen to the playlist for free. All of the income from the streams goes straight to the bands, I have just curated and collected it.

“Please give the playlist a chance. Listen to local music, follow the playlist and also follow the artists you like on Spotify. Most of the music on the playlist is new and all is created by bands with someone who is from Nottinghamshire.

“Happy Listening – Don’t forget to follow the bands you like, I can’t stress that enough!”

To find the list of Nottinghamshire music click here.

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