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Huge Success For Socks For Seniors Drive

19 Jan , 2020  

As we reported in December (story here), several local agencies partnered late last year  to collect socks to be given to nursing home residents. The final count of donations received is now available.

First, let’s look at the goal itself. The Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging, We ACT and Richland County Children Services, along with other community organizations, set a goal of collecting 4,000 pairs of socks by December 31. The 2018 drive had resulted in the collection of 3,085 pairs of socks so, at the time the 2019 goal was set back in November, 4,000 pairs of socks seemed ambitious but hopefully achievable.

The Area Agency on Aging has now reported that the 2019 drive netted an astounding 10,018 pairs of socks!

One local kindergartner, Zac from Stingel Elementary School, was able to donate approximately 1,000 pairs of socks by soliciting donations via social media (with his family’s help), and receiving socks from as far away as Denmark. Schools, churches and many other organizations collected socks and then turned them in to the organizers, who were astounded with the final total number.

The collected socks are being distributed to seniors in our area, and the great thing is that they can make a positive impact so easily. Socks are important for seniors as they provide protection against small injuries that can be more serious for older adults whose immune systems are not as strong as they used to be. Although it may be obvious to say that socks add warmth to the feet, this is very important for older people who, for a variety of age-related reasons, tend to be more sensitive to cold and have a greater need to keep their hands and feet warm.

The success of this Socks for Seniors drive is truly heart (and feet) warming.

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