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Here Come The Squirrel Hillbillies

5 Jul , 2018  

Yes, you read that correctly. The Squirrel Hillbillies are scrambling to Mansfield this Sunday, all the way from the “urban forest of Pittsburgh’s East End.”

According to their website, the group will “…emerge to share their eclectic mix of acoustic roots music, spanning folk, country and blues. Rabidly social and clawingly curious, they relish opportunities to interact with diverse audiences. They perform regularly at festivals and folk clubs as well as non-traditional venues across the US and the UK.”

The Squirrel Hillibillies, in fact, are recently back from a tour in the United Kingdom, where they played at “folk clubs” in Cornwall, London, Tamworth, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

This time, they are making a repeat appearance at the Main Library in downtown Mansfield as a part of the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library’s “Music at Main” series. The event will take place at 2 PM on Sunday, July 8. There, you will hear slections ranging from mellow to lively, introspective to flamboyant, and from serious to humorous.

As always, these concerts are free and open to the public.


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