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From Child Support To High Volume Dog Breeders: Fifteen Bills Signed Into Law

2 Jul , 2018  

This past Friday, Governor John Kasich signed fifteen bills into law which had been passed and presented by the Ohio General Assembly. A quick synopsis of each follows.

  • S.B. 4(Kunze, Oelslager) allows a person who is found not guilty of an offense or who is the defendant named in a dismissed criminal charge to apply for a court order to expunge the person’s official records in the case if the charge or not guilty finding was the result of the applicant having been a human trafficking victim; allows a person convicted of certain prostitution-related offenses to apply for the expungement of the conviction record of any offense, other than a specified disqualifying offense, the person’s participation in which was a result of having been a human trafficking victim; and allows intervention in lieu of conviction for persons charged with committing an offense while a victim of compelling prostitution.
  • H.B. 111 (Carfagna, Ryan) authorizes certain advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to have a person involuntarily transported to a hospital for a mental health examination; modifies APRN standard care arrangement requirements; clarifies APRN license application requirements; grandfathers certain APRNs from meeting educational and examination requirements for licensure; reduces the pre-examination practice requirement for certain dialysis technician applicants; makes changes in the laws administered by the State Medical Board, including those related to physician training certificates and limited permits to practice respiratory care; coordinates procedures for investigating Respiratory Care Law violations with procedures governing State Medical Board investigations; makes changes relating to physician assistant supervision agreements; authorizes a board of county hospital trustees of a charter county hospital to have hospital facilities in a county contiguous to any charter county; establishes a biennial license renewal system for orthotists, prosthetists, and pedorthists; modifies an allocation to children’s crisis care facilities; requires certification of certain addiction services; modifies the requirements for licensure of methadone treatment programs and requires licensure of other opioid treatment programs; and declares an emergency.
  • S.B. 257(Uecker, O’Brien) makes changes to the laws governing hunting and fishing.
  • H.B. 366(Gavarone) makes changes to the laws governing child support.
  • H.B. 8 (Hambley, Rezabek) exempts from the Public Records Law certain information concerning a minor that is included in a record related to a traffic accident involving a school vehicle in which the minor was an occupant at the time of the accident, allows the parent or guardian of the minor to request a record of the accident containing the exempted information, and exempts certain protected health information from the Public Records Law.
  • H.B. 21(Hambley) makes changes regarding the verification of community school enrollments, prescribes an annual public comment period for the community school sponsor evaluation system, exempts certain chartered nonpublic schools from state testing and graduation requirements, prescribes a one-year moratorium on the building code requirement for schools to have storm shelters, eliminates the current Education Management Information System (EMIS) Advisory Board, and requires the Department of Education to establish a new EMIS Advisory Council.
  • H.B. 133(Ryan) creates the Disaster Relief Act to exempt out-of-state disaster businesses and qualifying out-of-state employees from certain taxes and laws with respect to disaster work on critical infrastructure performed in this state during a declared disaster and modifies the interest penalty for late payments of estimated income taxes.
  • H.B. 159(Riedel) designates May as “Drive Ohio Byways Month” and incrementally increases the required contribution for Fraternal Order of Police license plates.
  • H.B. 225(Thompson) modifies the law governing idle and orphaned oil and gas wells and to make additional appropriations.
  • B. 229(Romanchuck, Wiggam) designates February 3 as “Charles Follis Day.”
  • H.B. 332(Antani) enacts sections of the Revised Code regarding anatomical gifts, transplantation, and discrimination on the basis of disability and to make an appropriation.
  • H.B. 438(Hambley, Kick) permits the addition of appointed members to educational service center boards, permits a local school district to sever its territory from one educational service center and annex that territory to an adjacent service center under specified conditions, authorizes educational service centers to establish local professional development committees, and modifies eligibility for community school classroom facilities grants.
  • H.B. 506 (Hill) revises the law governing high volume dog breeders and other dog-related professionals and facilities.
  • B. 139(Skindell, Eklund) adopts the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act.
  • B. 163(Wilson) modifies the qualifications regarding notes eligible for investment of county inactive moneys.

Source: Office of Governor John Kasich


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