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Foundation Approves Over $300,000 In Grants This Month

15 Aug , 2019  

The Richland County Foundation Board of Trustees approved $304,278 in grants to area nonprofit organizations during its August meeting.

The board reviewed the $52,561 education grants for the upcoming school year to local teachers for their creative or supplemental programs not covered by school funding. The grants were given to K-12 teachers in public and private Richland County schools to encourage them to develop new programs, projects, or events for their classrooms.

The following teachers received grants:

Clear Fork Valley Schools:

  • Jessica Wend               Microscopes and Science Supplies
  • Rich Hoover                 Ohio State Reformatory Field Trip
  • Rebecca Clapp            Classroom Library

Crestview Local Schools:

  • Dwight Souder            Aeronautics STEAM
  • Robin Dawson             DNA Kits
  • Christy Walter             Read, Explore, Write!

Lexington Local Schools:

  • Alyssa Crist                  Classroom Library
  • Lindsey Brokaw           Lego and Building Blocks
  • Cara Pelphrey             Science Discovery Bins

Madison Local Schools

  • Cheryl Belcher            Lego Simple Machines
  • Craig Green                 Music Sight Reading
  • Christine Elder            VEX Robotics
  • Heather Reynolds        Behavior Management and Social Skills

Mansfield Christian School:

  • Craig Klotzbach           Surface Water Research

Mansfield City Schools:

  • Carmen Egner             Math Supplies
  • Cynthia Colvin             Arts Integration
  • Heidi Payne                 Classroom Library
  • Janet Weithman          Scholastic News
  • Jennie Norman            Gizmo Subscription
  • Kathy Edwards            Time for Kids and Scholastic News
  • Kathy Kranch               Social Studies Resource Boxes
  • Maria Aivaliotis           On-Site History Field Trips
  • Melissa Vogt               STEM and Literacy Library
  • Nancy Niedermier      Family Engagement Packs
  • Sarah Schonauer         Rhyme Time Hot Spot Station
  • Sherry Vaught             Science Seasons
  • Stephanie Uhde          Soil Test Kits
  • Thomas Blike              International Buffet
  • Wendy Doup               Class Library/Science Centers
  • Whitney Glorioso        KEEP Books
  • Robin Burkhardt          Fractured Fairytales
  • Edward Golden           African American Culture Study Book
  • Kathleen Heilman       Spanish World Cultures Music and Dance Supplies
  • Susan Johnson             Museum in a Box

Mansfield St. Mary:

  • Holly VanDyne            Lego Makerspace

Mid-Ohio Education Service Center:

  • Chris Jones                  Building Connections and Teamwork
  • Julie Pfeifer                 Classroom Library

Ontario Local Schools:

  • Autumn Barry             Feather Friends
  • Natasha Jolin               Scholastic Short Reads
  • Mindy Leach               Rooted in Reading
  • Zack Canfield              STEM Bins

Pioneer and Career Technology Center:

  • Dan Foss                      Cyber Patriot XII Competition
  • Robin Hager                Street Law I and II

Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools:

  • Nichole Carrier           Lego Robotic Kits

Richland School of Academic Arts:

  • Chelsey Talisse            Musical Instruments
  • Katelyn Mould             Social Studies Resource Boxes
  • Grace Larsen               Classroom Library
  • Kelsie Brooks               Maneuvering the Middle Math

Shelby City Schools:

  • Carol Mullett               Tower Garden
  • Callie Callender          Life Skills Activities
  • Jami Gilger                  Math Workshop Manipulatives

Temple Christian School:

  • Betty Liebhart             Physical Education Supplies
  • Ed Snyder                    Woodshop Tools
  • Jenessa Jorgensen       Classroom Requests
  • Kimberly Running        Math Programs
  • Promise Robinson       Math Aids
  • Wendy Groff               Life Cycle of Chickens


Also, the Board of Trustees approved grants from donor advised funds to meet emerging needs at the following organizations:

  • American Red Cross
  • Artis-Naples, FL
  • Avow Hospice, Naples, FL
  • Boy Scouts of America – Buckeye Council
  • Brown University
  • Catalyst Life Services
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • Conservancy of SW Florida
  • Discovery School
  • Downtown Mansfield Inc.
  • Emma Willard School
  • Florida Sheriff Association
  • Grace Episcopal Church, Mansfield
  • Judicial Watch, Inc.
  • Kingwood Center Gardens
  • Mansfield Art Center
  • Mansfield Memorial Homes
  • Mansfield Rotary Club foundation
  • North Central State College Foundation
  • North End Community Improvement Collaborative
  • OhioHealth Foundation
  • Ontario Local Schools
  • Raemelton Therapeutic Equestrian Center
  • Richland Community Development Group
  • Renaissance Theatre
  • Richland Veterans Mentor Program, Inc.
  • Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater
  • Salvation Army
  • St. Matthew’s House, Naples, FL


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