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Dr. Amy Acton Resigns

12 Jun , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse Staff

Ohio’s experience with the COVID-19 pandemic entered a new chapter this afternoon with the resignation of Dr. Amy Acton as Director for the Ohio Department of Health.

In an announcement that continued to suggest the presence of a close working relationship between Governor Mike DeWine and Dr. Acton, the tone was one of thankfulness and also looking ahead.

DeWine was profuse with his compliments. “It’s true that not all heroes wear capes, some wear a white coat,” he shared. “This particular hero’s white coat is embossed with the name Dr. Amy Acton.”

Noting that she will continue to serve in an advisory role, he looked forward in saying that “…We will work on building up our public health system and systems thoughout the state of Ohio.”

Acton served in a remarkable role at a remarkable time. For some, she was a symbol of calm combined with reasoned resolve; for others, she became synonymous with orders and guidelines that were overreaching and based on wrong models. She was turned into a cartoon hero while also made subject to protests at her personal residence.

She leaves after one year and three months in the position.

Dr. Acton was given the opportunity to share a few words, much of which centered on her thanks to her colleagues in Columbus and around the state. Remarking on the experience, she noted, “Books will be written about this.”

The duties of the position will now fall on former ODH Director Lance Himes, who resumes that role on an interim basis.

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