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COVID-19/Coronavirus Update Page Available

8 Mar , 2020  

This past week, 1812Blockhouse created a new page to collect and share a variety of information about the coronavirus/COVID-19 virus, all from a local perspective.

Included are resource links to information from Richland Public Health, the Shelby City Health Department, the Ohio Department of Health, and The Ohio State University; posts from area media; and social media posts related to the virus.

The latter links include a letter from Mansfield City Schools Superintendent Stan Jefferson.

The new page can be found here, and a link can also be found in the Richland News section on our home page (desktop and mobile). 1812Blockhouse will be updating this page on a regular basis until such time as the virus is not deemed a health threat to Richland Countians.

Photo: Creative Commons License

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