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County Census Response Rate Remains Strong With One Month To Go

3 Sep , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

Today, we share what has become a monthly look at the rate at which Richland Countians have been playing their part in the 2020 US Census. We do so as the ability to respond will be closing soon.

As it turns out, the local response has been good, with Richland County continuing to respond at a better rate than Ohio as a whole.

On April 1, known as “Census Day” as the official count takes place on that date, the national rate of census returns was 36.2%, with Ohio’s pegged at 39.3%.

Currently, Ohio’s rate stands at 69.2%, approximately 4% higher than the national average.

The response rate for Richland County is on par with surrounding counties. As for contiguous counties, the local 70.4% rate is lower than either Ashland (75.0%) or Huron (71.7%) Counties, but is above that of Crawford (69.2%) and Knox (70.7%) Counties return rates. Morrow County’s rate was 64.8%.

The highest rate statewide was in Medina County (81.9%), while Ottawa County was lowest at 49%

Individual cities and villages in the county had the following response rates:

  • Mansfield – 62.9%
  • Shelby – 71.3%
  • Ontario – 78.4%
  • Lexington – 77.5%
  • Bellville – 78.6%
  • Butler – 67.9%
  • Plymouth – 64.4%

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay0

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