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Construction Underway On Kingwood Center Transformation

28 Jun , 2019  

Short term inconveniences are going to provide long term benefit at Kingwood Center Gardens as the new Garden Gateway Center Project begins to take form.

As we shared back on April 5, the work currently underway is the centerpiece of a $10 million investment into the facility, which will provide a new visitors and educational center experience that organizers call “transformative.” The 15,000 square foot facility will include a multi purpose space that can realize Charles Kelley King’s hope for an auditorium at Kingwood.

Additions also include a “Grand Perennial Walk,” which will connect the Visitors Center and Kingwood Hall, and an “Auto Gardens” area for parking which will feature plantings and trees.

With the work has come temporary changes in terms of entering and leaving Kingwood and parking. An easy to use guide can be found here.

Since groundbreaking took place, stories have been added to the Kingwood Capital Campaign blog. The latest, entitled “Weather or not….,” looks at construction in light of the recent very rainy weather. As that entry shares, “However, that hasn’t stopped our progress. We have been pouring footers and soon we will begin block laying for the foundation (weather permitting of course).”

Also included are numerous construction photos which provide visual confirmation of the work taking place.

That blog entry can be found here.


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