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Commission Reportedly Chooses Lahm Project for Funding

17 Apr , 2017  

Sources reported last week that the Ohio Military Facilities Commission approved only two requests for funding at their recent meeting.

According to the Dayton Business Journal, one of those projects was a $4 million taxiway relocation at Mansfield Lahm, done to support the 179th Airlift Wing. That article can be accessed here.

The majority of articles covering the meeting are from the Dayton area, and center on the unsuccessful request of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for funding under the program.

According to this Dayton Daily News story, investment by the State of Ohio may be an effort to project Ohio bases during any future widespeared federal closures.

According to the Commission’s website, “The Legislation for the Commission was passed into law by the 131st Ohio General Assembly in June 2015. Nine commissioners were then appointed by the House, Senate and Governor’s Office to develop and implement a program to provide state funding for capital improvements on military and defense installations/entities in the state.”


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