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City Of Mansfield Issues Water Notice, Advisory

31 Dec , 2019  

The City of Mansfield has issued a both a water conservation notice and a boil advisory, effective immediately.

While there is no evidence that the city’s drinking water supply is contaminated, recent maintenance issues at the city’s water plant have resulted in a large decrease in supply. With a decrease in water levels, the opportunity exists for organisms carrying diseases to enter into the system.

Pursuant to the conversation notice, consumers of water are requested to use as little water as possible. Certain activities are completely prohibited during such times, including:

  • Watering golf courses without a valid Drought Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Washing paved surfaces, such as streets, sidewalks, driveways, garages, parking areas, tennis courts, and patios.
  • Operating water fountains, artificial waterfalls, and reflecting pools
  • Washing vehicles
  • Serving water in eating places unless specifically requested by the individual

Further, voluntary additional measures can be undertaken inside the home, including in the washing of clothes, dishes, and in other routine tasks that use water. A good overview of water conservation techniques can be found here.

Residents are also encouraged to boil water before drinking, or to use bottled water.

1812Blockhouse will relay additional updates about this situation as they become available.


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