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Central Park Rally Targets Addiction Recovery

16 Jun , 2017  

A successful GRACE rally was recently held in Mansfield’s Central Park to help locals struggling with addictions. A total of 15 people signed up at the rally, agreeing to seek drug and alcohol treatment help from the Beachside facility, which is located on Hutchinson Island in Florida. The rally also raised $4,000, which will go directly to GRACE.

GRACE, which is an acronym for Give Recovery A Chance Everyday, is a not-for-profit organization that helps people battle addiction and supports communities that don’t have access to the funding, facilities, and resources to help citizens in need.

Brandon Fagan was one of the 15 people to sign up for treatment at the event. The 28-year-old says he’s battled an on-and-off addiction with a variety of drugs over the last eight years but says he finally has “hope and faith that something good is going to come.” The Beachside treatment facility has helped thousands of people just like Fagan over the years. Through their GRACE program, they hope to help many more, especially people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford treatment.

The event was organized by Ken Fraser, who is the director of community outreach for Beachside Rehab. He was pleased with the success of the event, saying the rally still would have been worthwhile even if only a single person had signed up for treatment. Events like the rally help Beachside and GRACE reach as many people as possible, which helps them achieve their main goal, which is to “get as many souls that are suffering from addiction off to world-class treatment.”

Also present at the rally was the Warriors Project, a Canton-based organization that offers coaching, mentoring, and transitional housing to addicts and their families. The Richland County chapter of the American Red Cross was also involved, and they allowed rally participants to use their space while they registered for treatment.

GRACE is a non-profit organization that raises money to provide financial assistance to people struggling with drug and alcohol use. The money they raise pays for transportation, medications, and therapy costs for addicts who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford treatment. GRACE is operated by Beachside Rehab, a private drug and alcohol treatment center in Florida. Beachside focuses on a holistic approach to treatment that includes personal therapy, group therapy, and a 12-step program, and that emphasizes the importance of fitness and nutrition for whole mind and body wellness. For more information about Beachside or GRACE, contact Beachside at 1-866-349-1770, or visit for details.


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