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B&O Bike Trail Detour Until August

8 Jun , 2020  

Due to limited visibility associated with the painting of the Blue Bridge in Bellville, the B&O Trail is blocked off at the intersection of the Trail and Main St. It is too hazardous to cross the street

You may detour one of two ways heading toward Butler:

Go south on the Main St sidewalk to the light at Ogle St, cross left at the light and come back down to the sidewalk to the Trail.

Or, turn off the Trail at Bell St as you near the bike depot. Head south, then turn left onto Ogle St. Follow Ogle St through the intersection with Main St until you get back near the Trail a little ways past Elzy.

The detour will be in effect until August 14 unless work finishes sooner.

Source: Richland County Park District

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