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Are You Blue Ribbon Material? Find Out At The Fair

15 Jun , 2018  

Whether you’re crafty and can upcycle anything into a masterpiece or you’re the best baker on the block, we’ve got a competition for you at the Ohio State Fair. Show off your blue ribbon best and prove to your friends, family and neighbors that you really are, in fact, the best in the state.

There are three areas of competition at this year’s Fair, each currently open for submissions. They are:

Arts, Crafts and Fashion

Deadline to Enter: June 20. Details here.

Are you a creative interested in the arts, fashion, crafts or even culinary and baking? Then the creative arts competition has something for you! The creative arts competition welcomes over 52,000 visitors and receives more than 2,000 entries for the various categories.

Culinary Arts

Deadline to Enter: June 20. Details here.

Give your recipes a chance to shine! Whether you bake, grill, make candy, create beverages, can preserves or generally tinker in the kitchen, there are plenty of ways to become an award-winning amateur chef at the Ohio State Fair.

Youth Arts

Deadline to Enter: June 20 Details here.

Calling all little big shots for the 2018 youth arts competition! Ohio students in grades 1-12 can enter their works of art in this juried exhibit to compete for exciting awards.


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