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A Sweet Surprise

11 Feb , 2020  

From 1812Blockhouse’s Kristina Krueger:

Snow was in the Sunday evening forecast, so in the afternoon I headed to the B & O Trail to get in some exercise before the flakes came.

The trail is beautiful no matter what time of year. Without all the color of the other 3 seasons, winter offers its bright white and glinty, silvery ice. I want to call it a “winter wonderland,” but that name belongs to Christmas, a holiday that is now long past.

Of course, another holiday is right around the corner – Valentine’s Day. And the one thing I did not expect to find on the trail was a decorated Valentine’s Day tree. But there it was, looking for all the world like the big brother of Charlie Brown’s little Christmas tree, with the ornaments exchanged for pink and purple hearts.

Looking closer, it turns out that the decorations were actual valentines! Each had a little candy and a card that said To: You and From: Me. Pardon the pun, but what a sweet surprise to find in the middle of B & O Trail!

Kudos to the person/people who took the time to put together valentines and decorate a tree in the middle of the trail – Just another reason to be grateful to live in Richland County!

Photos: 1812Blockhouse/Kristina Krueger

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