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Three Thousand And Counting

10 Dec , 2018  

Our second local media post in two days – this one, however, is about ourselves.

At some point this week, 1812Blockhouse will be publishing post number 3,000 – and we’re taking a moment out to celebrate.

Our first post was made back on September 2, 2016, although the site did not go live for another six days. It was, of course, the post that introduced 1812 to the world (having been read some 5,423 times since posting, it can still be read here).

Although the site has continued to evolve since then, the basic premise remains in place over two years later; we remain strongly supportive of the Richland County community and seek to help move it forward toward a bright future.

As ever, we are working on site improvements and on ways to integrate our readers with the news reporting and distributing process. More on that in the coming days.

In the meantime, thank you for being an 1812Blockhouse reader. You’re in very good company!

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