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Space Age Shopping Hits Mansfield

9 Mar , 2019  

A bit of the future of retailing has arrived at the Possum Run Walmart.

It’s called a “Pickup Tower,” and it operates almost like a vending machine for goods.

With the Pickup Tower, customers can purchase items online and select “Pickup” while checking out. Walmart associates place the items in the tower, and when the customer is notified that pickup is available, a simple smartphone barcode scan will release their item.

The towers are truly hard to miss – they are bright orange and stand 16 feet high.

The new northwest Ohio Pickup Towers are part of over 500 which have been installed across the country; over 40% of Americans now have access to the devices. And, as The Bellville Star recently reported, Mansfield is the latest location for the service.

The location is at 2485 Possum Road Road in Mansfield.


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