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Secret No Longer: Downtown Opportunities Unveiled In Tour

8 May , 2022  

By 1812Blockhouse

Saturday brought the Secret City Tour sponsored by Downtown Mansfield, Inc., a component part of Saturday and Sunday’s RichHistory Weekend.

As in years past, a sampling of historic buildings in the downtown area were readied for these “sneak peek” tours. Buildings on this month’s edition included 87 West Fourth Street, 111 North Main Street (Second Floor), 137 North Main Street, 100 North Main (Second Floor), 130 North Main (Second Floor), 193 North Main, and 25 North Park.

The aim of the event is not only to provide an opportunity for Mansfielders and others to experience local history, but to demonstrate the potential of these spaces as redevelopment opportunities – the kinds of opportunities that can be fueled with recent downtown living grant funding provided by local civic leaders.

That clearly was on the mind of some tour attendees. One likely mother and daughter “team” was taking measure of the upper floor of the building at 100 North Main. “This is the best space up here,” one said, as they walked through areas which have already been readied for rehab. “Look at these door frames,” the other responded, pausing to take a photo of a children’s scene remaining on one door.

The house at 87 West Fourth Street was a delightful surprise. As the volunteer marking tickets remarked, “The house just seems to go up and up. There’s so much space here.” That was certainly true. The house features a unique staircase with three stairs leading to a single landing, and brightly colored original windows – all in great condition – flooding almost every room with unique light. It also boasts a couple of unique fireplaces which demanded a photo (we were happy to oblige).

Speaking of photos, the tour is always well-attended by photographers. As we approached the Bissman Building on North Main Street, in fact, two professionals were vying for the best picture angles.

The RichHistory Weekend continues on Sunday. Full information is here.

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