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Richland Source Launches New Office, Venture

5 Jul , 2017  

Today marks an important milestone for a local media business.

Richland Source, an online-only site which began approximately four years ago, is launching its new operational headquarters today. It’s not just a new site for them, it’s a new co-working space in downtown Mansfield.

It has moved from its home since mid-2013 on Temple Court. Adjacent to The Brickyard, that location provided limited space for news operations and meeting space. The new location at 40 West Fourth Street changes that dynamic, well… dynamically.

In a new venture dubbed “Idea Works,” Richland Source will be welcoming other businesses to use their new space at 40 West Fourth Street in a “coworking” environment. Coworking is defined by Wikipedia as “a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization.”

The building on West Fourth Street has an interesting history. It opened on September 23, 1916 as the new “City Market,” and featured fifty stalls with glass counters and white glass tops, according to the Mansfield Shield. The installer of Toledo Scales at the facility was quoted as saying that the new market house was the best in Ohio outside of Cleveland.

It was successful from the start. One 1917 vendor advertisement for just one of those stalls shared that he needed 1,500 chickens that week, and would “pay above market price.”

Later known as the “Fourth Street Market,” the building has also served as bingo hall (at one point drawing 400 guests a night), and was renovated in 2004 to serve as the corporate headquarters for MKC Architects. MKC’s award winning renovation preserved the original building by leaving the interior structure exposed, including the brick walls, steel framing, and glass clerestory windows.

Though that firm left last year, its sign can still be seen on the building.

1812Blockhouse congratulates Richland Source on its move and new business venture.

Sources: Mansfield Shield, Wikipedia,; Photo: 1812Blockhouse


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