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Macy’s, Kohls, Penney’s Closing Stores This Year; So Far, We’re OK

30 Jan , 2019  

As they say, “no news is good news.”

That observations applies as the closure of mainline department stores and other traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers continues across the country, with four of those retailers with a strong local presence are among that number. To date, however, no Richland County store has been impacted this year.

Macy’s has announced the identify of nine stores in plans to close in 2019, and the Richland Mall location was not included. Those to be shuttered include locations in Wyoming, Washington, California, Indiana, Massachusetts, Virginia, New York, and West Virginia.

Macy’s has closed 124 stores since 2014.

Four Kohls locations are closing soon, none of which are in Ohio. These join three Nordstrom closures, which do not include the store at Easton in Columbus.

Two other retail chains are expected to either announce individual or chain-wide store closures. JCPenney will be discontinuing sales in at least three locations to be announced this spring, with others expected to follow. Sears faces an important decision in bankruptcy court later this week that will determine whether all assets of the venerable retailer will be liquidated.

In addition to major department stores, many smaller retail store operations have been closed in the face of declining sales. Wikipedia began to compile a list of affected companies in what it has termed the “retail apocalypse,” but that venture has lagged behind as the number of announcements has grown.

1812Blockhouse will be monitoring these developments and will bring you any news of closing or opening businesses that comes across our desks.

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