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JobsOhio Shares 2017 Results

5 Mar , 2018  

From JobsOhio:

Companies across the United States and the world are recognizing that making Ohio home offers a competitive advantage. Last week JobsOhio, a nonprofit corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio, released its 2017 results.

JobsOhio worked with state, regional and local partners on projects with companies that committed to create 22,788 new jobs, representing 11 percent growth over the previous year, and $1.1 billion in new payroll, matching JobsOhio’s previous record. The 2017 results include $9.6 billion in new capital investments in Ohio, which more than doubled the amount in 2016 and set a new record for JobsOhio.

A breakdown of the 2017 JobsOhio performance metrics includes:

  • Total number of projects: 272
  • Capital investment: $9.6 Billion
  • New jobs: 22,788
  • New jobs payroll: $1.1 Billion
  • Retained jobs: 67,849
  • Retained jobs payroll: $4.7 Billion

“Our progress continues to be a function of making smart investments to not only build our capabilities through our team and programs, but also to increase our potential long-term impact on the state and its communities,” said JobsOhio Board Chairman Jim Boland.

JobsOhio President and Chief Investment Officer John Minor said part of the growth over the last several years can be attributed to attracting businesses to the state that invested in Ohio for the first time.

“From 2013 to 2017, JobsOhio completed more than 1,400 projects with companies growing their businesses,” said Minor. “In that time, JobsOhio has attracted nearly 300 companies to Ohio that did not have a presence in the state, helping to diversify the state’s industry base and business mix.”

In addition to these results, JobsOhio has maintained a strong pipeline of opportunities with companies. Between 2016 and 2017, JobsOhio experienced a 134 percent increase in the number of active opportunities created, largely driven by expanded business development efforts focused on bringing higher-quality projects to Ohio.

2017 also brought significant third-party recognition that validates JobsOhio’s business model. In December, Ernst & Young released its 2017 US Investment Monitor, which ranked Ohio as the No. 1 state for job creation in business development projects. In September, Development Counsellors Internationalranked JobsOhio as the third best state economic development organization.

For more information, download the JobsOhio 2017 Annual Report.

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