1812Blockhouse is a new kind of local media unlike any other in the Richland County area. In fact, there are no sites exactly like ours in Ohio or the Midwest. We strive to be the online home for news about Richland County and Richland Countians. To accomplish this, we not only post our own coverage and stories, but each day we search for and share the best writing from other local media and over 100 social media sources. It’s all Richland County news and information in one place – and we’re the only place to find that.



The audience for Richland County news and information is a growing one, and 1812Blockhouse has a track record of increasing site traffic.

Visits during the last six months have doubled those of the previous six. Individual posts on the site have been seen by as many as 15,000 to 40,000 people in the space of a week and have been shared hundreds of times on social media. Currently, 1812Blockhouse properties are being read at a rate of over one half million times each year.



Who reads 1812Blockhouse? A wide variety of folks, with a heavy concentration of visitors from Richland County. About 60% of our visitors come on mobile. Readers find the site in a number of ways, including via social media (we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram); on search engines (we regularly receive traffic with good search engine ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo); and of course directly at: www.1812blockhouse.com.



We’re happy to currently offer two types of ad products, display advertisements and sponsored advertisements. Here’s a brief description of each.

Display advertisements feature your ad — either with your own artwork or with us designing the ad for a modest additional charge. This ad can be placed in several positions on the 1812Blockhouse home page, on category pages (“History/Tourism” or “Sports,” for instance), or placed in each post. As a special incentive for our first time marketing partners, each ad will show each time that particular page or post is accessed – giving you the maximum opportunity for your message to be seen.

Sponsored advertisements are an exciting way for you to get your message sent directly to 1812Blockhouse readers. Through information/narrative you provide, or with a piece we create after interface with you, your ad appears in story format with a small “Sponsored Post” notice. With this option, the ad/post will be shared through our social media channels just as any of our other posts. This type of advertisement can be particularly effective to give your business a “story” and/or to promote a particular product.

For both display and sponsored advertisements, we offer the opportunity for your message to run on our sister site, 1808Delaware, at no extra charge! 1808Delaware is the only independent online news site covering Ohio’s fastest-growing county.

For advertisement pricing, contact us at: [email protected]


Ad Positions with standard prices – multi-month and multi-page discounts are available:

1 – Top Sidebar – 350 x 250 (2 available) – Also available on Category pages with “brought to you by” language

2 – Richland News Sponsor – with “brought to you by” language — up to 250 x 250 (1 available)

3 – Featured – 250 x 250 (1 available)

4 – Sidebar – 350 x 250 (4 available)

























Ad Positions with standard prices – multi-month and multi-page discounts are available:

1 – Sidebar – 350 x 250 (2 available)

2 – In-Post – 200×500 (2 available)















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