What A Year It Was! This Week We Look Back At 2021

26 Dec , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

There was a note of optimism in the air as the year 2020 wound to a close. The “Year of COVID” was over, we collectively sighed, and we hoped that 2021 would bring a lessening of the virus’ effect.

There were rumors of vaccines coming online. Local governments were given an extension to spend federal “CARES” monies, and many businesses and individuals were sure to benefit. Life had begun a painfully slow return to normal.

Where we are at the end of 2021 is certainly not what we would have wanted it to be as we looked forward twelve months ago, but there have been and now are some reasons for continued optimism. There has been a surge toward normal, but at the same time there is a general awareness that some aspects of modern life have changed – some temporarily, and others likely representing permanent alterations in the ways that we live our lives.

Like other parts of the state and country, north central Ohio has had a rocky road this year. At the same time, there has been a solid amount of positive news on the online pages of local media. Investments in the future continued; the US30 reconstruction project, for instance, has been taking place as planned.

By the end of this week, we will have posted about 820 stories on 1812Blockhouse during 2021, starting out, fittingly enough, with a look at the most recent COVID announcements from Columbus.

This week, 1812Blockhouse will be looking back at the stories we posted that gained our readers’ attention. We invite you along for the ride.

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