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Each morning, hundreds of Richland Countians get a compact digest of the latest news from all local media – and from media across the country that cover Richland County stories.

They do so via Richland Roast, 1812Blockhouse’s free, easy to read morning newsletter that arrives via email.

“It’s proven to be hugely popular,” noted Thomas Palmer, 1812Blockhouse publisher. “There is no better way to catch up on all local news and information each day, including our own coverage and stories. We have some great reporting in the area, but it is spread out over multiple publications. With Richland Roast, you can get a daily digest with direct links to the best of that coverage.”

The newsletter will be seeing some modifications in the near future, making it even easier to read and use.

“It’s just part of what sets us apart in the local market,” said Palmer. “We love putting our readers at the forefront of all that we do.”

Richland Roast has a counterpart for 1812Blockhouse’s sister publication, 1808Delaware. 1808AM brings Delaware Countians news each morning as well.

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