Introducing Richland Roast And A New Richland News

21 Dec , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

The next handful of days will see a couple of big changes here at 1812Blockhouse.

You might call it a bit of a Christmas present, both for our readers and for ourselves.

First, we are launching our first official enewsletter later this week. It’s called “Richland Roast,” and it’s a one-of-a-kind digital product that builds on 1812Blockhouse’s mission of combining our original reporting while bringing our readers posts from all Richland County media.

Each weekday morning, Richland Roast will be a collection of links to local stories that will serve as a “cup of coffee” for the mind, a way to get fully informed about Richland County and Richland Countians as you start your day.Richland Roast will also include special additions that will entertain, broaden the scope of our regular coverage, and provide behind-the-scenes information not available elsewhere.

Second, we will also be changing the formatting of the “Richland News” section of our website. We will continue to bring you the latest from WMFD, Richland Source, the Mansfield News Journal, the Shelby Daily Globe, and other media – but in a new style format.

You already have the opportunity to sign up for Richland Roast on 1812Blockhouse – you can do so below. Additional website changes will be taking place throughout the week.

Merry Christmas!

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