Hey: We’re Back!

27 Oct , 2020  

By Thomas Palmer, 1812Blockhouse Owner/Publisher

Not only is the entire world reeling from the impact of the pandemic, but it has impacted things close to home as well. Richland County schools, businesses, local governments, churches, and more are facing unique and difficult scenarios on a daily basis. People are struggling with illness and uncertainty everywhere you look.

Here at 1812Blockhouse, the specter of COVID-19 struck about a week and a half ago and became all too real. It’s a long story, but suffice it to say that it prompted not only concerns, but was part of what prompted a week-long hospital stay — something completely out of the blue.

I share a personal and heartfelt admonition to take this pandemic seriously. I have little doubt that most of you are, but if you feel inclined to ignore the basic precautions you can take to remain safe, don’t. This isn’t political. Pain is oblivious to red and blue and purple.

I am so happy that 1812Blockhouse has taken its first steps on its return. To celebrate, below are links to a couple of our ongoing series with some stories you may find interesting.

Thanks for being an 1812 reader!


Literary Mansfield

Richland Roots


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